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4 Post Parking Lift



  • The best choice for parking and simple repair
  • Hydraulic drive cable lifting system
  • Manual or electric single point release
  • Automatic lock system ensures safety at different heights
  • Maintenance free load bearing
  • Immovable runway
  • Stop blocks in all posts for added safety
  • Movable drip trays prevent pollution of vehicle on floor
  • Caster kit for moving the lift easily¬†
  • Mold machining through the whole process so that the parts are universal and interchangeable
  • 120% capacity dynamic load test and 150% capacity static load test
  • Italian oil seal to make sure no oil leakage
  • Solenoid valve with emergency manual drop function
  • Optional vanual pump for lock release in case of power off
  • Optional 24V control box and solenoid valve
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